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  1. thin sissy

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Back when that picture first appeared it was said that the bottom guitar was an R7, and the top a USA model (I thiiink... Is it a "rocker tenon"?). So no vintage guitar in those photos. It seems in all the repair threads I've ever seen on 50's Les Pauls they did NOT have that stop, but were...
  2. thin sissy

    Ian Bairnson's 59 Burst

    Cool timing, just finished listening to every Pilot album 30 minutes ago. I don't think they ever recorded a bad song, great melodies and hooks, and Ian has awesome tone and is just a great player. Kate is awesome as well!
  3. thin sissy

    anyone disappointed that their Les Paul Historic is a pre 2013 ?

    It's not an unwarranted question though. Imagine you're an insecure first timer buying an expensive guitar, and hear about Gibson's "vintage accurate crazy genuine speced" historic line, and you buy one. Only to hear the next year that they NOW have finally reached true accuracy. And the same...
  4. thin sissy

    Favorite Players Playing a Les Paul Deluxe

    Mike Ness is great! I think he said that he likes the maple necked ones the most. Regarding the Lizzy boys, Scott has said that his Deluxe was terrible. Also last I heard it was stolen. He still made great music with it though :) . I think Robbo really likes his though! It was stolen and...
  5. thin sissy

    Here’s something you rarely see show up on a gig these days

    Just to counter my previous comment in this thread: I just had a gig and used my 57 Jr. Usually people think it is a cheap guitar cause it's old and ragged. But this time I actually got comments like "is it a real one?" and "it sounds sticky, like how it looks". Made my day :ROFLMAO:
  6. thin sissy

    P90 sound

    You lefties have it hard, it must be difficult not being able to just pick up any random guitar to try. IMHO you should get a P90 guitar. It's the best pickup I think, along with a tele bridge. Hard to describe in words really, but I think of them as fat like a humbucker, but clear because it's...
  7. thin sissy

    Favorite Players Playing a Les Paul Deluxe

    Well you opened up the thread with one of the greats, Scott! I'll throw in Robbo as well
  8. thin sissy

    LP R9 grunge clean

    Do they have abrassives in them? In my mind a "polish" does, but I might be wrong? That's the reason I haven't used anything on my vintage LP's except water and a cloth. But yeah, like the OP says, it's mostly pushing the shit around :LOL:
  9. thin sissy

    Here’s something you rarely see show up on a gig these days

    Beautiful guitar, awesome! I've gigged my '55 GT many times since I got it a couple of years ago. I don't remember anyone ever noticing what it is, or asked if it's the real deal :LOL: Nobody but us cares! I actually prefer it that way, makes it feel safer. Although if someone ever asked about...
  10. thin sissy

    R7 before and after Fret Doctor

    Fret doctor is great, makes the board "pop" for a while. I would like to advice not oiling the boards too much. I personally wouldn't let any oil "soak" for any time. But on another forum I recieved lots of flak for saying that you can damage a board with too much oil. So I wont say that :LOL...
  11. thin sissy

    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    That's a sweet guitar! I wouldn't want a new neck to replace the original, even if it's been broken. (I'm assuming the current neck is the original)
  12. thin sissy

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    Just a little side note: there is no law that states every burst must be sold to Bonamassa :LOL:
  13. thin sissy

    Tone turds ....

    The "ugly" R9 Red Baron talked about hasn't been posted here. The guitar you all say looks great (I agree) is the "turd" R8 he mentioned. At least it says so on the photos. Of all the forums I visit, I think this is the one where people misunderstand each other the most :ROFLMAO:
  14. thin sissy

    Historic LP JR DC pickup height

    Is it just the DC's? My '57 doesn't have this issue. Could you maybe file down the top of the cover and gain 0,5-1,0 mm? I don't know how thick the covers are, but maybe...?