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  1. Three13

    Fanny Burst?

    Anyone know what became of this one? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/7X0YzTOgKRQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Three13

    A New Project

    Since I'll probably never be able to get my hands on the Spanish Style, I couldn't say no when I found this: She's a 1949 Bigsby T8 Pedal Steel that has seen some use and modifications over the years - I'll be trying to get her back to original. I got her home and took off the name plate...
  3. Three13

    Nice '30s Wood (NSFW Maple Content)

    1933 L-5:
  4. Three13

    NVGD - Previously Enjoyed 1958 Singlecut Junior

    My first Junior in about 20 years arrived today - this one was used, then used some more by someone who played in a lot of bar bands on the East Coast. She's faded to a slightly under-ripe yellow and has chips and dings galore, but no issues. Played clean, she chimes and rings, crank it a...
  5. Three13

    Shipping Info on Early LPs

    Has anyone ever found a way to compare production and shipping numbers for '52 and '53 Les Pauls? I'm trying to figure out how many trap tails were actually made and without serial numbers it's a daunting task...
  6. Three13

    A Fixer-Upper

    This just arrived today - a 1930 Martin 000-18: She'll be needing a neck set, a new bridge and a little cosmetic work, but is otherwise in extraordinarily nice condition. I'm really looking forward to hearing her once she's done...
  7. Three13

    One for the Acoustic Guys

    A few pictures of one of my favorite acoustics, a Larson-made OM with their patented metal plumbing, which has kept it from ever needing a neck set (not shabby for a guitar built in the mid '30s):
  8. Three13

    Elvis Knew It...

    Possibly the best 12-string electric ever - and yes, the King used one...
  9. Three13

    Early 1957 Black M69 Rings

    Does anyone have good photos of early 1957 black M69 rings? I read that they are different but can't seem to find pictures of them.
  10. Three13

    One for the Freaks - The Mosrite Thread

    I have a funny feeling that I'm just about the only person here who loves Mosrites. If not, here is one of the classics, a late 1963 Mosrite Ventures. Originally, this design was made as the Joe Maphis Model, but in 1963, a session player named Gene Moles lent his new Mosrite Joe Maphis...
  11. Three13

    NVGD - 1960

    This arrived on Friday:
  12. Three13


    Given the proliferation of threads about fakes, I have a pertinent question for the people here who have ACTUALLY bought and sold more than FIVE (5) bursts in their lives. How many of you believe that the problem of replicas and conversions being sold as bursts has become a major issue in deals...
  13. Three13

    NGD - Salvaged GT

    This started out as a '53 that had had its top crudely stripped and all it's original hardware removed. I had Jim Weyandt (BoogieonGTR) fix the routes for PAFs and Kim at Historic Makeovers (KtheSheep) refinish the top. All the plastic is vintage, the harness is '57 and the pickups are PAT#...
  14. Three13

    Saddle Ridge Thread or How I Learned to Stop Worrying an Love the Interwebz...

    I'm starting this thread for anyone who was interested in more information about the Saddle Ridge Hoard. My day job is acting as Senior Numismatist at Kagin's Inc., and I am the first professional to have looked at the coins, I cut the deal with the family and conserved everything, arranged the...
  15. Three13

    Arthur Lee and Love and SUPER Rare Gibson Content...

    A Byrdland and EMS-1235 (WTF?!?): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYINIxCD2rg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftO9ClIhFAo I was happy when I saw the Byrdland, when the doubleneck showed up I was ecstatic.