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  1. TM1

    Any value in upgrading the ABR-1 on my R8?

    I have the RandK saddles on my guitars with ABR-1’s. The improvement is fairly substantial! They make connection on all three sides connecting the base and transferring the string vibrations better that the stock crap!
  2. TM1

    1990 Bassman Reissue, new cloth or not?

    Fender has not used an actual cloth material for Grill's on their amps since the very early 50's. It is a plastic weave. You can also take the baffle off, the speakers and spray it with a cleaner(like Simple Green), hose it off, let it dry and you'll have a new looking grill..
  3. TM1

    ABR-1 Roller Saddles

    That bridge is made by ABM in Germany and the base is machined out of Bell Brass. The Bell Brass is why there's an increase in sustain!. I have a number of bridges & tailpieces from ABM! Great products and really nice folks! Link...
  4. TM1

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    Cool stuff Tyler! I’ve had a couple of friends buy your harness! I’m hoping their reaction is as positive as mine is!
  5. TM1

    Root beer finish in 1997?

    So... is that top A&W approved? I grew up with A&W Root Beer...
  6. TM1

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Hi Mat; I was wondering if the inlay material on the new Gibson True Historics/Murphy Lab's are the same as the material that Kim @ Historic Makeovers uses? I know the Gibson ones are Nitrate as are the HM's ones. I know Kim was the one that got Mazzucchelli (the original Italian manufacturer of...
  7. TM1

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    Go to “Reverb.com” and look up “Tyler’s Gear Locker” that should take you there.
  8. TM1

    About Les Paul Lifton Reissue case

    So were the original ones!
  9. TM1

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    I got a set of these about 2 weeks ago! they're amazing! I have 4 guitars with original, stock sets of Centralab's and these work just like those but slightly better since they are NEW Old Stock Pots! Tyler is a great guy to deal with too!! Excellent upgrade for your guitar! I have the set I...
  10. TM1

    New 63 SG Reissue Bridge suggestions

    Get an “ABM-Meuller” wrapover! https://abm-guitarpartsshop.com/ABM-GUITAR-PARTS/Wraparound/Les-Paul-Replacement/ABM-3021:::256_88_110_111.html
  11. TM1

    Murphy Lab Les Paul 60s review - bright, custom buckers

    Pyramid uses Silver plated German Steel which is by far much smoother sounding and considerably more Flexable that what American string makers use! You can get “Nickel Classics” or “Monel Classics”. Gibson use to use in the ‘40’s till 1971, Monel wire. They called those sets “Mona-Steel”...
  12. TM1

    About Les Paul Lifton Reissue case

    Why are those new “Lifton” cases so bloody heavy? I have three original Lifton cases & each one weighs 1/2 of what these new ones weigh… they also weigh more than the guitars!
  13. TM1

    Does anyone remember the price of a Gibson Les Paul VOS R8 in 2007?

    I had a 2010 R-8. I sent it to Historic Makeovers for the total re-do( Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, Hide glue neck reset, fingerboard, Celluloid Nitrate inlays, top and neck recarve, correct logo, etc and old formula Nitro refinish, nylon nut.
  14. TM1

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    I love that ‘54 Mod Collection! Back in the early ‘70’s they did a reissue of a ‘54 with maple top & cherry sunburst! wrapover: I bet you would love an ABM wrapover https://abm-guitarpartsshop.com/ABM-GUITAR-PARTS/Wraparound/Les-Paul-Replacement/ABM-3021:::256_88_110_111.html you can get then in...
  15. TM1

    Murphy Lab Les Paul 60s review - bright, custom buckers

    Every guitar I get with an ABR-1 gets the correct vintage saddles I get from RandK! Best ones on the block. Look him up on the forum here. I get a Pigtail bridge too since vintage ones are few and far between and new ones suck! I also got a pair of 1.5” nickel plated ABR-1 posts. The deeper...