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  1. TM1

    Firebird X for sale, $21K

    A friend of mine bought one when they first came out. I didn’t think much of it….
  2. TM1

    M2M '58 ES 335 'Runaround Sue' has arrived.

    Congrats! Even though I live in Cali, I’ve bought a number of things from them! I deal with Jessica and the girl knows her gear! She ordered a Murphy Lab cherry red 335 with a wraptail for me about a month ago(no ABR-1). It’s going to take about a year., but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. I got a...
  3. TM1

    Historic Makeovers: R7 -> R9

    I have a 2007 R-4 Goldtop that Kim redid about 2010. The flame under the gold was sick..I’ve posted shots of it here before. I’d find a photo but I’m at my Audi dealer getting the 40,000 service done… But Kim has done six of my guitars over the years!
  4. TM1

    NGD! Late 1953 Les Paul Standard / 3 2390 / Joining the 50s Les Paul Club

    Congrats on the Lester! Love your tennis shoes! I have a couple of custom made Chuck Taylor’s(Converse) That are colorful.
  5. TM1

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    The Nitro used on the Murphy's is the Vintage formula reversed engineered and recreated. It is mostly different from the stuff used by Custom.
  6. TM1

    R9 Murphy Lab Light Aged

    When I got mine a year ago, none of the plastics or metal parts had been aged. I put on some ThroBak aged covers, more correct tuners, a real vintage switch ring, a pickguard from Creamtone, ThroBak pickup rings, Creamtone back plates, a vintage jack plate & knobs. The T-o-M is a Four Uncles and...
  7. TM1

    Anyone know much about this Dickey Betts goldtop

    It could be as Dickey has had a number of Goldtops. He bought one around 1991 when they played the Pac Amptheater in Costa Mesa that was loaded with P-90's. His Tech Troy sorted out a way to load it with PAF's with out routing any wood. That was I think Dickey paid about $5-6K for. It's now at...
  8. TM1

    Clapton with Les Paul Custom, 1969

    In 1967 when Clapton did Disraeli Gears, Felix Pappalardi took EC to Manny's Music in NYC. Clapton bought a new Vox Wah Wah and the 1st black LP Custom. There was a second one that Clapton traded a darkburst L.P. Std. for with Paul Kossoff for the 2nd Custom. This was on the "Blind Faith"/ Free...
  9. TM1

    1959 Les Paul Special Case Question

    I have the exact same guitar and case! I bought them 30 years ago! I have 9309xx
  10. TM1

    Any Love for the `80's Super Champ?

    I have a Celestion 10" Gold Alnico in my Super Champ! Never was a fan of the EV's or anyother high powered ceramic speaker. Almost all the speakers I use are alnico and mainly Celestion's except the Cerwin-Vega ER-123 I have in my `61 brown Princeton. It had been cut out for a 12" before I...
  11. TM1

    Anyone know much about this Dickey Betts goldtop

    The guitar that Dickey used in the late `80's/90's was a `58 GT. I've played it a few times back then. The Fillmore guitar was also a `58 that was sent off to Gibson in early `72 and refinished sunburst. Dickey gave it to Danny Toler. Danny got in a bind and sold it to a DJ at KLOS, Geno...
  12. TM1

    Serious bridge post question , check your 2020 and beyond Historic Custom Shop and Murphy Lab bridge post

    I always replace mine with a 2", 6/32" Brass post. The 2" gets it into the wood farther and transfers more string vibrations into the wood.
  13. TM1

    New String Alert - Fusion Flats by Pyramid

    I have a set on my Strat( the Hendrix set .010-.038) and a set on my ‘59 Country Club.(010-.046) They sound great and very unlike the regular Pyramid Gold flatwounds. I’ve been with Pyramid since 1996. You guys can buy strings from me instead of these big box string sellers… www.tone-man.net
  14. TM1

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    Thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated! Another one to check out👍🏻
  15. TM1

    New EB day

    I have a ‘63 EB-1 ! It’s a great bass! I do believe that ‘63 is when they went to nickel plated covers as that’s what’s on mine. These EB basses always sound best/correct with flatwounds!