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  1. Triplet

    Refret tips and tricks ?

    Umm, you just have to muddle through a couple projects. StewMac has a lot of great tools. I recommend pre-bending the frets and using radiused sanding blocks, a fret beveling file and good quality fret nipper to get you going and save you the most time. A complete set of files for edge detail...
  2. Triplet

    What exactly did I buy here? Classic? Plus? Premium Plus?

    If I live long enough that snot inlays on a Classic add to the value, I have lived far too long....
  3. Triplet

    What exactly did I buy here? Classic? Plus? Premium Plus?

    My son has a 2001 Classic that has an ABR so it goes through at least part of 2001. It's a nice guitar but too snotty for my taste. I offered to change out the inlays but he says he can live with them.
  4. Triplet

    1952, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 57 Goldtops (sorry, no 58 Goldtop)

    (sorry, no 58 Goldtop) Slacker... 🤣
  5. Triplet

    unknown humbuckers

    The resistance will probably suggest what they might be.
  6. Triplet

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    I remember one twat on Ebay was, for years, trying to sell a SG Celebrity which had a rosewood neck instead of ebony. He was asking well over $10k for a $1,500 dollar guitar (at the time). :rolleyes:
  7. Triplet

    Vintage ES-335s 1958, 59, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64, 64

    Good to see you've still got the itch, Mike. Most folks I know are divesting.
  8. Triplet

    Heritage 80 Standard pot values?

    I think I'd forego replacing anything on a HS80. Worth a few quid, those.
  9. Triplet

    Les Paul Custom - what year?

    Most likey '57 Classics
  10. Triplet

    Anyone own any Rock Star/Celebrity Owned and Played Instruments?

    Didn't realize there were that many folk who played backward guitars :) Funny, I was listening to 'all mixed up' yesterday and thought how much better an Elliot outro would have worked...
  11. Triplet

    Claptons Lost Burst.

    You know, I don't EC really gives a FF about this guitar. He may have for awhile after it went missing but I think he moved on a long long time ago. The Strat has been his go to for 50 years,now. I think he could have found a suitable sub in the Les Paul department if he really wanted to.
  12. Triplet

    Help 1986 les paul standard

    11.4 lbs, ugh. That's a non-starter. 81/2 to 91/2 lbs is the sweet spot for me. The heavier ones I bought when I was younger and didn't think weight mattered, gather dust, now.
  13. Triplet

    Les Paul Custom: 79 or 86?

    weight. With enough fiddling you can make any guitar sound decent.
  14. Triplet

    What to do with lower-mid-level guitars

    that have been messed with to the point that they couldn't be brought back to stock -easily, or a typical guitar store wouldn't want to take them in because they probably wouldn't sell? The majority are probably worth $500-$1000. I don't want to bother with EBay as the fees plus low return...
  15. Triplet

    Strings for Flesh

    I thought I'd ask what electric strings might be good for finger picking if you DON'T have nails. My go to are Regular Slinkys. They are fairly consistent across several guitars so I thought there might be a magic combo I may have not tried, for example, 'all nickel hex core' or something like...