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  1. tumblin dice

    Which finish..for which guitar?

    at what point during production is it decided what finish will go on each guitar...cherry sb,honey burst,ect. ect.does it have to do with the figure and flame of the top or are they just painted whatever production dictates?a silly question perhaps,but i've always wondered about it.:hmm
  2. tumblin dice

    a woody question

    although i have searched some threads i'm kinda confused here.i know that the back and neck of current lps are mahogany,but what if any thing can you learn by reading the grain?when looking at the back of an lp you will usually see some swirling and large teardrop type figuring in the grain.my...
  3. tumblin dice

    Goldtop Deluxe...Strange Tone?

    I've been checkin out this forum for some time now,i feel that i learn something every time.maybe some of you can have some input on this.i gotta 2001 gt deluxe,not a flaw on it,plays like butter.i've read with great interest the various post about the deluxe and the mini-hums.this guitar...