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    Difference Between A Strat Neck And A Tele Neck

    Is there any difference between a Strat and a Tele neck, other than the headstock? Was watching a video of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Allen Collins had a Strat body with a Tele neck. Have seen other players do this. I'm not a Fender guy, go figure.
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    Million Dollar Guitar!

    Looks like a grade school art project.
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    How to describe the sound of your Les Paul

    When I play it-so, so. When others give it a try-wonderful!
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    Burst payment plan?

    How does one prove that they came from a LP and not some other model guitar? Would they be worth less if they were out of a Melody Maker?
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    No serial number on headstock 1970's SG Custom

    A 1975-77 would have had the oval decal which would have had the serial number and "Made in USA" on it. Could the guitar have been refinished? Does it look like the electronics have been worked on? Seems like a kinda big spread for the pot codes. How about a photo of the control cavity. Also...
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    P90 ES 350T what are the necks like

    Since nobody has yet to mentioned it, the ES-350T has a short scale neck 23 1/2", the full bodied ES-350 is 25 1/2". The neck width will be narrower on the 350T.
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    A sweet girl here....

    Very nice! What does the peg head look like?
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    L6-S Control Cavity Photo

    Can anyone post a detailed photo? Picked up a 1976 and the wiring seems to have been messed with and want to correct it. Thanks, Rich
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    is this a Mint 64 Firebird with untouched soldering?

    I wouldn't call it mint.
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    Market value of 60's vintage ES-330 electronics & hardware

    The pot code should allow you to get the year, look for 137YYWW. YY last two digits of the year, WW week of the year (01-52).
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    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    Post lots of photos so we in the colonies can see how it's done.
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    Did Gibson ever make a Switchmaster with a Varitone?

    Thanks for the photos of the solid bodies.
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    Did Gibson ever make a Switchmaster with a Varitone?

    The varitone and stereo wiring were available as an option, so who wouldn't want an extra knob on an ES-5SM. The varitones I've seen have either been on arch tops (Byrdland, ES-350) or semi-solids (ES-335, Epi Casino (I know it's hollow). I've never seen one yet on a solid body.
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    LPF Roll Call - sound off

    Still hanging in there in the bottom left hand corner of the US (San Diego, CA). Was able to get my urolift procedure done over the summer. If your considering it, mine went really well. Amazing to be able to sleep thru the night again. The joys of getting older.