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  1. wild.joz

    Bought from Gibson's DEMO Shop

    other than the red pickup rings, it looks AWESOME!
  2. wild.joz

    Bending ABR1 posts and doubled up thumbwheels

    One of my Les Pauls has the double thumbwheel treatment. No complaints.
  3. wild.joz

    Guitar Stand damage

    You’ve been lucky to walk away with so little damage. I ruined the back of a 335 years ago, by laying it on top of a coiled guitar cable that I left in its case. Only took a few days for the rubber to eat THROUGH the finish… oh well, live and learn!
  4. wild.joz

    Let's say..... there was this guitar player.....

    I'm in your shoes. I'm 43 and have been playing for the past 30 years or so (damn!). Never took a lesson and was actually quite proud of where I was at, just learning by myself and my good ear (I took saxophone lessons from age 7 to 15). I'm in the guitar business, and with all this COVID...
  5. wild.joz

    Listing modern day guitar heroes

    Joe Bonamassa, obviously My brother Jared James Nichols Eric Steckel - pretty mean playing Tyler Bryant - I love this dude all around. Guitar Playing and songwriting.
  6. wild.joz

    Pearly Gates or Custombucker?

    Why that? I’ve had many and still have SD pickups along with original Gibson, never had any issues…
  7. wild.joz

    NGD 2021 R9 Royal Tea Burst

    That’s one fine looking guitar! 👍🏻
  8. wild.joz

    Black EDS-1235 in action

    Nathaniel is an alien of a player!!! Check him out on his Instagram: https://instagram.com/zeppelinbarnatra?utm_medium=copy_link
  9. wild.joz

    1980 Heritage Les Paul Elite Burst

    Very cool guitar 👍🏻
  10. wild.joz

    NGD in a few days: '92 EDS-1275 - NEED NEW CASE!

    On a 1992 model, they should be Nashville bridges