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Recent content by zacknorton

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    1958 EB2 restoration

    Making something useful out of a basket case is always an admirable thing to do.
  2. Z

    Epiphone casino?

    I think the OP is referring to the new made at gibson US Casino. It's made side by side with Gibson es guitars... It's gonna be exactly the same as them. https://guitar.com/review/electric-guitar/the-big-review-epiphone-usa-collection-casino/ There was never anything cut rate about the...
  3. Z

    NGD (almost)..

    WINNER! What's got bigger curves the headstock or the body???
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    Questions about Vintage Gibson Humbucker pickups

    If I heard that guitar and it sounded like a solid body guitar I'd be very disappointed... ;). I'm guessing it's a sweet Sheraton, and sounds just like a good MIK Sheraton should sound. Which is really really good.
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    Firebird Mods that Rock

    Yeah.. it's a visual thing with me. Full sized hb's in a firebird look weird to me.
  6. Z

    Firebird Mods that Rock

    why not just put p90's into the mini-hb routes?
  7. Z

    Are there any Les Paul's finished like a violin?

  8. Z

    2020 ES-339 in action

    The 339 just screams PRIEST. .....or maybe it's vengeance it's screaming for?? ;)
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    VIP? The Art of Tone? Emerson? Pots.... Or Other????

    Such good feedback and info on these pot options. THANK YOU!
  10. Z

    VIP? The Art of Tone? Emerson? Pots.... Or Other????

    I got an Emerson harness in a repair project husk. They are excellent. But it doesn't seem like they sell short split shaft pots as stand alone items. I'll get in touch with them and check.
  11. Z

    VIP? The Art of Tone? Emerson? Pots.... Or Other????

    I know... it's kinda been beat to death a million times. I'm looking for some advice on 500+k pots for a series of guitars I'm building. I do like the late 50's centralab taper thing for sure. I've been doing some digging and thought the choice might be between VIP and TAOT. Am I missing...
  12. Z

    do you think this amazing Murphy Lab ES-335 color would look good as a Custom ?

    Maybe if you engraved some cows and cactus into your inlays and branded the body with the gibson G??
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    Tone turds ....

    same, same... that's got to be in the running as the least plain "plain" top ever.