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1978 gibson les paul custom Questions


New member
Jan 30, 2022
I’ve looked online and have found contradictory information. Can someone that has experience with a 1978 LP Custom tell me if they used short or long pots please? Also what were the values?

Not trying to be rude, but you know how internet people are sometimes. They repost info that is incorrect because they read it.

Thanks for the help. And have a good weekend all.


Les Paul Forum Member
Dec 20, 2001
If everything is still wired up in the aluminum grounding plate, then you'll need long shaft if you reuse the plate.
I may be wrong about the values, but I believe they were all 4 300K or possibly a mix of two 500/two 300k. Not 100% about the latter.
It's been a long time since I replaced pots in my 79 LPC.