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2001 memphis 335 and 2000 dot 335and was wodering


New member
Aug 15, 2006
Hey all first off happy and healthy new year too ya all..I have 2 335s one from 2001, one from 2000..the 2001 a candy apple red,no flame at all.with a yellowish crown on the headstock and on the black case it says" Gibson memphis" No shroud..dark fret board.The 2000 335 red plenty of flame,silver crown on the headstock,A Lifton brown gibson case with a pink shroud.. a striped finger board"giving it some charactor" And iam sorry if this is an old question but arent the both 335 dots..arent they both made in memphis??Is there any other differences iam on aware of..Both are great players the 2000 red flame is in near perfect shape..the 2001 candy apple has finish cracks galore and a dulled finish...sad but i may have to part with one..And was wondering if one is worth more then the other. and why...sorry for the long post and happy new year to all again..thanks