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A Tale of Seven Fiddles


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Aug 13, 2013

Once upon a time there were seven guitars that, due to their vintage wire pickups, managed to get into a photo together somewhere in the wintry cold rural boondocks of Japan.

First was a 2006 50th Anniversary 1956 Reissue VOS Yamano Spec Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with Rewind Electric P90 pickups wound with Essex Plain Enamel Wire from the 1950s and magnets from a 1952 Gibson Les Paul. Hidden inside were also a set of Luxe Black Ink 1952-1956 Grey Tiger Wax Impregnated .02mF PIO Capacitors which we said to add more than just a touch of mojo to a fiddle already oozing with it.

Next up was a 2013 Duane Allman Signature Tom Murphy Aged Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul with Wizz Ltd. Ed. Vintage Wire PAFs wound to Layla specs. Paired with the right amp this guitar sounds amazing and is one of the only guitars in my entire collection with its own dedicated strap.

Next to Skydog was a 2013 Gibson Collector's Choice #8 1959 Les Paul aka "The Beast" with Wizz Limited Edition 50s Vintage Wire PAFs sporting Vintage Magnets from a 1962 Gibson SG Les Paul. In the control pocket are PEC (Precision Electronics Corporation) Military Spec Pots and Jensen Copper Foil PIO Caps. A TruVintage - Dave Johnson Replica Heavy Aged Burst Guard and 59Parts Aged Knobs give the plastics just the right patina while, also of note, we notice the neck pickup ring is a darker cream while the bridge is a lighter bone, done intentionally, in homage to (and awe of) the original.

In the center we find my pride and joy number one 2015 Les Paul Replica made to my own demanding specs (Flamed North American Hard Rock Maple Top, Honduran Mahogany Body and Neck, Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard, Mazzucchelli Celluloid Inlays, Tortoise Celluloid Side Dots, Wizz Poker Chip, Jack Plate, Pickguard & TRC, Wizz CAB Pickup Mounting Rings, Wizz Hand-carved Bone Nut, Montreux Time Machine Knobs, Montreux Time Machine Tailpiece, Faber ABRH-59-NA Bridge, Kluson Deluxe 15:1 Tuners, and Switchcraft Jack & Switch). Under the hood are Alessandro Carbon Custom Taper Military Spec Audio Pots and Vintage Sprague Vitamin Q Capacitors... all supporting a set of Vintage Gibson Long Mag Double Black PAFs. Topping it off are a set of Pyramid Pure Nickel Handwound Strings with their unmistakable purple silk wrapping undoubtedly for identification purposes.

Moving along to the left was a 2010 Gibson Collector's Choice #2 Aged 1959 Les Paul aka "Goldie" with another set of Wizz Ltd. Ed. Vintage Wire PAFs and another PEC Harness with Jensen caps under the hood. Topside are Montreux Time Machine Collection TRC, Jackplate, Knobs and Poker Chip and another TruVintage - Dave Johnson Replica Aged Burst Guard.

Next up was a Y2K Gibson Les Paul '57 RI Yamano Spec Murphy Aged Goldtop with yet another Wizz Limited Edition Vintage Wire PAF set. A Faber Bridge and Martin Six String Holy Grail Harness make this my all time favorite Y2K R7!!

Finally we had a 2013 Gibson Collector's Choice #7 1960 Les Paul aka "Shanks" with a ReWind Electric Custom Wound Vintage Wire Shanks Set. Crazy Parts Aged Plastics ensures that she looks as vintage as she sounds.

And there you have, and I'd like to end this strange eventful historical interlude with a fond farewell... until next time! :salude


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Feb 26, 2011
Fabulous - I’d love to see individual photos of your collection.