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Analogue and digital

Happy Tree

Apr 1, 2024

Here's my amp wall of death.

The rack on the left goes with the 3 AC30 clones along the bottom for the Brian May setup Wet-Dry-Wet. They were hand made by Dave Peterson, former employee of VOX and May's amp tech in the 90s. You need 3 of them for "reasons". Yes, they all have attenuators! I usually only use these with the Brian May guitar for the authentic tone.

The Marshall DSL40 is a nice tube amp for the Gibsons. The Wampler Tumnus is great for boosting them.

I mainly use the Helix rack and its accompanying speaker (on the extreme left). It also outputs to a mixer which goes into a looper and out to speakers so I can loop anything else I want like keyboards, drums, etc. On the Helix I use Twin Reverb and Friedman models 90% of the time. Added a nice Cloudburst in the effect loop.

At school I keep a Fender Mustang GTX100 for general use. Its models are also excellent.

I like both analogue and digital types of amp. They both have their place.