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Bridges affecting tone - Your thoughts.


Feb 2, 2018
I few posts ago, I brought up how I replaced 3 of my Gibsons that have wrapped tail bridges with Music City’s “Savy” bridge replacement.
I did this because of the bridge leaning forward as I tried to intonate with the Gibson stock lightening bar bridge.
This bridge cured the problem, but an unexpected benefit has happened on all three guitars. The sound, sustain, and tone.
This bridge has enhanced on all 3 guitars. I was never one to really care about bridges that added this , or that. But then again, I’ve always used the stock Gibson bridges.

So after this wraptail bridge has opened my ears that a well designed and cast bridge does actually help, I’m wondering about my other Gibson with Nashville and ABR bridges. Is there a brand or bridge you feel enhanced your Gibson’s sound and tone when you replaced tour stock bridge. Tell me what brand you used for this. Thanks.


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Jul 16, 2015
"Pigtail Music" made the wraptail bridge and studs for my 2001 R4-JB Oxblood. No guitar old or new even compares in terms of sustain and overall explosion of notes. It is the very best guitar on the planet and I attribute that to the bridge and studs.