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Did a Killer Trade for this PRS Goldtop !!!


Active member
Feb 15, 2004
I found this PRS listed on my local FBMP for sale.

I REALLY wanted this guitar, but I wasn’t about to pay his asking price.

I contacted him to see if he would be interested in any trades.

He mentioned some amp and asked what guitars I’d be willing to trade.

I mentioned a few and he was ver interested in a ‘08 Gibson LP I had.

Sent a few picks, and he said he was very interested.

He lived about 39 minutes away, so I decided to take the guitar so we could audition eash others guitar.

After we tried out each others guitar, we decided to do the trade.

He even went the extra mile and said he’d install new strings snd intonate it.

The other plus is this guitar has a pair of PRS 57/08’s installed , and they sound AMAZING.

Anyway here’s my new to me guitar.

‘94 PRS Goldtop Standard 24