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ISO my First Les Paul! 1990 Standard Cherry Sunburst Custom Shop Edition


New member
Mar 29, 2024
Hey, in search of my very first Les Paul. I bought this Guitar from Shreveport Music Co in 1991. I sold it back to them around '94-'95. Found it again at Shreve Audio around 2002. I found out that it was probably sold shortly after. At last sight it still had the stock Zebra PU's and Pickguard. It is a Flamed Cherry Sunburst custom Shop with Kluson tuners. There is a small Cigarette burn on right side between the Stopbar and the tune-o-matic bridge. Has anyone seen this guitar? I no longer am able to find the serial number. similar to the one pictured below.
Thank you!

Like the one here on this site: