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My xmas present, to myself

andy k

New member
Dec 6, 2006
I hope this in the right place,
It's been a strange year, and until very recently I thought I'd been good, only had one new guitar that I picked up in Feb, a build I commissioned and that took a year, that was a great experience and I guess I was happy with that, anyhoo, I started a music degree in Sep, a lifelong ambition, and thought I'd treat myself to something light to carry to class, so I scored a 2013 SGJ, which turned out really nice after I put new pots,pickups,tuners,pickguard,,basically everything-- sounds and feels really good now, and I thought that was that, still haven't solved the neck dive though, so, as I'd been a good boy all year I thought what the heck, I'll treat myself for Xmas, so I saw this, 2015 Les Paul CM, robotuners, a junior with a carved maple top and a humbucker, something I wanted to try out for a while.
It arrived yesterday, and was fantastic out the box, think it was a return,for some reason, but I couldn't find anything wrong with it, except the strings were too light, I think Gibson use 9s.
So I raided my parts box and got tweaking.

I put a black Wilkinson wraptail on, which just looks better,and feels a little better quality, and then I thought, F### it, I always wanted to try an EVH Frankenstein in a Lester, and I had a spare DMC cover, the robot tuners work well for now, so, gentlemen, let me introduce--
Black Frank,
A fender pickup in a Gibson, a junior , a tribute to Mr Ed.
And I managed to post this,from my phone, after not using Photobucket for far too long.
This proves-- Next year--anything's possible.
Cheers guys
Andy k
Dec 20, 2016
That guitar looks like it would pretty stout, with a lot of sustain. Does it sound that way to you? And hey, those robot tuners, are they a PITA? Never played a guitar with them, I'm just curious.


New member
May 2, 2002
Nice! Here's mine. ES Les Paul Standard.

A couple ofweeks ago I ran across this video and fell in love.


I bought an ES Les Paul two years ago and while a great guitar, it's closer to a small ES 335 than a solid body Les Paul. When I found out they made a non f hole version (like Lucille) I had to have it. When I found out there were only 100 in the US I panicked. Grabbed the last one off Sweetwater and it arrived after xmas. It's currently going through the ToneRite treatment but it sounds and feels great already.