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Need advice pairing Celestion speakers!


New member
Oct 5, 2021
Hey, guys! I’ve got an Ampeg Reverberocket 212 50 watt open-backed 12AX7/6L6 combo. Years ago I replaced the stock Ampeg OEM Eminence speakers with Eminence Wizards (their version of a high-power handling Celestion G12H30). The Wizards sounded great, and I was very happy with them for many years. I’m no longer gigging or practicing with a rock band, though and the Wizards were simply too loud for home use with that amp. They are very efficient speakers-rated at like 103 dB. So, I wanted to definitely use a 70th Anniversary G12H30 because I really love those and I also wanted to try mixing it with another speaker. I’d heard they play really well with the Vintage 30, so I tried that. I lost some chime, some warmth, and a lot of low end. That combo seemed just a bit bright for my tastes, even though they did sound great together. So, I sold the Vintage 30 and am looking to replace it with either a Heritage Series G12H30 (55 Hz) or a Ruby Alnico. Leaning towards the Ruby now as a friend made me a sample of guitar-playing through that mixed with the Anniversary in a Celestion IR and it sounded great. I’ve also been warned that the Heritage may also be too bright for me. I really like how they sound on their own, though. Anyway, I’ve had trouble ︅comparing these two speakers head to head as no one on YouTube has shot these out with the same audio and rig. What do you Celestion devotees think about these choices? Thank you so much in advance for your thoughtful input!!

Yours, Scott


Well-known member
Aug 19, 2003
I've always gone for alnico over ceramic for the sound alone, I like the ring and sparkle of the alnicos.


Feb 7, 2011
Dr. Z puts a V30 and G12H30 combo in some of his amps. I put this combination in a 212 Marshall cabinet and it sounds great. I get nice low-end and high-end sparkle from the G12H and a nice midrange honk from the V30.