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New member and new to LP


New member
Jul 1, 2021
After 30+ years of Telecasters, I just received a Les Paul for a birthday with a zero in it. Besides being pretty, I can get a lot of different sounds, straight into a pre-CBS vibro champ. I could get used to this 4 knob setup.

Model is LPS50s. Strings are lighter than I’m used to, but setup is good, fretwork is good, and the nut is cut properly for the strings. Someone set the neck angle, intonation, and action. Pickups are versatile - they sound good from clean to dirty, tone up and down - not too hot at all. The stories about bad quality leaving the Gibson factory do not apply here. It’s great out of the case.

I’m extremely happy with this guitar. It will stretch to Jazz even better than a Tele.


El Gringo

Well-known member
Apr 8, 2015
Congrats and Welcome to the Les Paul . A finer guitar which will satisfy you many ways and many times. Enjoy !