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Vintage Case Advice Needed


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Jan 27, 2002
[Mods - please bump me to another section if inappropriate here ]

A long time ago, the LPF used to have a four letter acronym for vintage case experts, which I will not repeat here, out of respect for inclusion and diversity ;-) ... but if you are an expert on vintage cases, I am looking for your constructive and non-disparaging advice on what to do with this case, that came with a 1955 Les Paul TV Special that we discussed here recently. My questions to you are:
- what exactly is it?
- how can I prevent further deterioration?
- is there a case restorer equivalent to a Greg whom I can hire to prevent further deterioration or make repairs?

I have to tell you that I have taken great pleasure in the past, walking into vintage guitar shows with this case, and being mobbed by questions of "what's in the case, dude?", to which I would respond: "Oh, just an old guitar that I found in Uncle Willie's attic...". If only I could capture the moldy smell and bottle it, I would get a booth at Arlington and get rich. ;-). But seriously, what do I have, and how can I do justice to it?

Case 1.jpg
Case 2.jpg
Case 3.jpg
Case 4.jpg Case 5.jpg
Case 6.jpg
Case 7.jpg
Case 8.jpg
Case 9.jpg
Case 10.jpg

ZZ Not

Jul 15, 2001
I am a little bit of a case nut (some would say just a nutcase) but I have found a lot of good info via the Facebook group Vintage Musical Instrument Cases. You may want to give them a shout.


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May 11, 2002
I can steer you to the "vintage cases" sticky post at the top of this forum- That's a "four-latch" 50's LP case, quite correct for your special. Unless you want more extensive restoration, I find thick superglue carefully applied within the cracked seams can do wonders with these to structurally stabilize them-