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  • Brian, Yup... 9 71316. Thanks for confirming! I REALLY love the guitar, and you made it sound so great in that session! Take care and keep up the good work!
    Hi Brian, Allow me to wholeheartedly echo blueguitar's welcome to the forum! I REALLY appreciate the lessons! And by the way, I am now the proud owner of that 2007 Faded Tobacco R9 you used to own (see avatar). I bought it in March 2016 from a guy here in Seattle. In the envelope containing the COA, I found a handwritten note on Sidewindermusic Letter Head, dated 11/7/09 and signed by you stating that it was handpicked for you at Gibson Custom, etc... It's a great guitar, and I feel privileged to be the current owner.
    All the best!
    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the warm welcome :) Yes I remember the guitar well. Washed Cherry with a really amazing wide flame top. I had just signed on with Gibson as an endorsing artist at the time I had that guitar and had a 2007 Faded tobacco that I played all the time. I probably should have kept that Cherry but I'm very glad it has a loving home !!! Cheers BK
    Hi Brian, GREAT lesson and welcome to the ever growing group of LPF "Instructors" :). I might have a guitar you formerly owned; it´s a 2006 Historic and I bought it from Gregor Hilden (Muenster, Germany).
    Care to give me a little info on that instrument if you could spare the time? It´s still one of my favourite Historics (and I own a bunch). Have a great day and all the best to your music. Peter (from Germany too)
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