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  • Hello Chris, Kim will discuss the entire process with you. For instance, I have two vintage juniors. Obviously they have Brazilian boards. They upcharge for Brazilian was more than I wanted or had the ability to pay. So I spoke with Kim about it. I have always felt the magic of my juniors was more about the old wood than the fingerboard. Plus you get a lot out of your fingers ie: attack, vibrato etc. He said Brazilian has little effect on tone and is more a vintage accuracy that I do not need to spend money on. Also, I planned on getting new inlays. My guitar is a 2013 R8. The inlays were close so instead of charging me for new ones he aged the current ones and only charged me half. Cannot say enough good things about Kim. He is the real deal. If you have the money you will not regret it I promise. Take care
    Morning Brian,
    I've read your posts here and at My Les Paul forum regarding your HM - I've had conversations with Kim but have not pulled the trigger. You mentioned Kim assisted with recommending options to save you cash - could you elaborate on what Kim shared and did?

    Thanks in advance,
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