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    My name is Zhao and I'm down to 3 korina explorers to choose from and I hope I can get some help from you. If this is inappropriate just ignore me.
    I have been looking for a Korina Explore for some time. Now I found two replicas, one from Max which is about 13K and another by Tom Barlett which is 12K, last one is a 83 heritage reissue, around 9K.
    Well my situation is I want to get a really good replica/reissue (mostly sound and playability), I'm not crazy about 100% historic accuracy. Which one do you think is the best and can you give me some idea about a reasonable price for these 3 options?( the 2 replicas look mint and the 83 reissue looks good except some use on the frets)Really appreciate it if you can help. For some reason I can't make a post and ask in a forum.

    my email just in case: pentium823@me.com
    hey-I noticed you have alot of knowledge about korina explorers. I have an 83 korina explorer custom shop. i am needing a truss rod cover and pickguard. The truss rod cover was missing when i got it and the pickguard has had switches added to split the pickups. Does anyone make a correct replacement pickguard and truss rod cover? thanks-I also left an entry about womens names inside pickup cavity on the forum.
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