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  1. Dutch53GT

    Gibson Les Paul R0 Stinger BRW

    2003 Brazilian RW Gibson Les Paul Stinger 1960 Very special guitar, playes and sounds amazing. First of the 19 or so 1960 stinger special run for a US store. Special run brazilian Les Paul, how cool is that!?!? Very good condition. Non original case, no certificate and new grover tuners. Low...
  2. Dutch53GT

    Summer back in the guitar room...

    ... I just had to make some pictures :) 2003 R0 and 2005 R9 Anybody else have summer pictures?!
  3. Dutch53GT

    Vintage Cleaning

    Today for the first time I wanted to clean my 53 goldtop using GHS Guitar Gloss. A LOT off dirt came off, it was yellow/gold in color :wow So I stopt..... Does anybody know if it's save to use this stuff to clean? Any other ideas? Thanks! Pic just for the hell of it :salude
  4. Dutch53GT

    WTT 1953 LP GT for Gustavsson

    Can't believe I'm doing this... I'd like to trade my GT for a Gustavsson.... Anybody intrested? Email me for details! D_dewaard@hotmail.com
  5. Dutch53GT

    70's SG custom 3pu dating

    Hi I have a 70's SG it's serial is: 624744 made in usa Volute Does anybody know when this was made? Thanks!
  6. Dutch53GT

    1997 Brazilian Rosewood according to Gibson

    This is an email a seller of a 1997 R0 got from Gibson Europe: Dear XXXXX, Thank you for writing to us. The serial number of this guitar links in our database to a 1960 Les Paul Standard historic Reissue, in Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish with Nickel hardware, built in 1997 in...
  7. Dutch53GT

    I present you "The Acid Burst"!

    After 4 days of shipping from the US and 2 weeks of dutch customs it's finally here!! What a great guitar, big neck, huge sound and very light weight. And look at the flame :bug (thanks again Todd for helping me find this) Inside:
  8. Dutch53GT

    My New Gibson....

    ...... shoes? How cool are they?
  9. Dutch53GT

    3 XXX Serial number?

    I'm going to buy a Les Paul Classic pretty soon, the seller tels me the serial is: 3 XXX. I've seen 0 XXX and 0 XXXX 1 XXXX ect ect. But never a 3 XXX. :hmm What could this be? Anybody seen a early classic with a serial like this? Thanks!! :2zone
  10. Dutch53GT

    "Special" SG bridge

    Hi Everybody, I have 2 old SG's and they need a new bridge. Both of them are from 1983 and they have a schaller 455 bridge. Now I can buy the "original" bridges again, but I was wondering what other bridge will fit and where to buy them. (both of them are "players" so I care about sound...
  11. Dutch53GT

    Bonamassa's amps, cool video!

    check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL8VaOg70F8&feature=related
  12. Dutch53GT

    Vintage Question

    What do you think about the serial and the pafs on this 175? I didn't think vintage PAF hollowbodies had a serial?? Thanks!
  13. Dutch53GT

    Old Fenders

    I found a couple of amps, but I'm not that good with Fender. Would would be your choice? -BF Concert -BF Bassman -BF Bandmaster -Blond Showman Thanks!
  14. Dutch53GT

    Marshall Super Tremolo 1964?

    A Dutch ad. for a Marshall Super Tremolo from 1964 has this pic. I'm not that good with old marshalls, but this doesn't look right does it? What do you guys think it's worth? ---UPDATE ON THE PIC'S---
  15. Dutch53GT

    Will my Classic fade?

    Hi, I have a 1991 LP Classic that I love, well sound wise. The color is really ugly, I was wondering if it would fade if I put it in direct sunlight or even a taning bed. I don't really want to re-finish it, it's not that important. anybody have experience with this? Thanks!! edit: found a pic: