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  1. evhtone

    Skinnerburst VOS, Hamer Korina Standard numbered, 1995 Ernie Ball EVH

    Not even sure I wanna do this...In fact, I don't. But...wanting more capital for my business at the moment. Considering selling my beloved Skinnerburst VOS and/or my other 2 favorite guitars in my collection. Depending on what sells first I may pull what's left off of the market. The...
  2. evhtone

    Marshall 1974x in red tolex?

    Does anyone know if they made any of the reissues in red? I have found one for sale but have never seen one in red tolex.
  3. evhtone

    Alright, who's got a 68 Custom Historic?

    And, might you want to trade for my Brazilian R7? Greg
  4. evhtone

    Custom Shop Standard with flame paint job?

    Anyone seen these before? It doesn't appear to be the "carved flame" model. It looks like a regular custom paint finish. Thanks, Greg
  5. evhtone

    Just got my new R7! My first Les Paul!!!

    Man, is this guitar sweet. The feel of this guitar is so perfect. I bought it from Sean at PM Blues in Rhode Island. It is serial number 7 3060. I've played many LP's over the years, but only liked a handful of them. I thought I'd try one of these new R7's and it's just what the doctor...
  6. evhtone

    I've decided to go for a 2003 R7

    Man, I am friggin' dizzy from all the calling around to get quotes! I've been calling everyone there is that has one. I'm very close...very close! BTW, I got a killer price on an Authentic 57, like almost the same as a regular. I just don't know if I'm too keen on getting a somewhat "worn...
  7. evhtone

    Is everyone changing everything on their new R7's?

    It appears that the new R7's are great guitars with the Braz boards and other "upgrades". But, it also appears that there are MANY people changing out the pickups, pots, caps, etc. I dunno. This seems like it's sacrelidge! I mean, I know that the price for new R7's is great, but it kinda...
  8. evhtone

    Difference in tone between '57 Classics or Burstbuckers?

    Is there any difference? It appears that maybe the '57 Classics are more consistant because of the way they are wound? Also, would a 2001 '58 figured top come with '57 Classics or BB's? The reason I ask is that I am looking at a 2001 '58 and I was told that it has 57 Classics. One more...
  9. evhtone

    What do you like about your '58, '59, '60, or '68?

    I'm getting very close to buying my first Les Paul! I'm going for a Historic...why mess around? LOL I'm pretty green when it comes to Paul knowledge. I'm just looking for opinions on different model years. For example, if you own a '58 could you tell me why? What do you like a about a...
  10. evhtone

    Anyone play a closed back 4x12 with Tone Tubbies?

    It seems that I mostly see people using these in 2x12 configurations. I'm wondering what the hempcones would sound like in a Marshall or Bogner 4x12. Anyone? Thanks. :joep