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    Please keep me in mind if you decide to sell the 68 LP. I live in MA, if you are close. Thanks...

    Please keep me in mind if you decide to sell the 68 LP. I live in MA, if you are close. Thanks, Charlie
  2. Gibsongt

    Here’s something you rarely see show up on a gig these days

    I gig with my 54 GT all the time, and sometimes take my 56 GT. I use a Roadrunner case that makes it less obvious. Not too many people know what they are. Sometimes someone will ask, "is that a Gibson or an Epiphone. LOL
  3. Gibsongt

    1953 Les Paul...Can you fix a knob that spins?

    My 1953 Les Paul has the short barrel knobs. One of the volume knobs has worn out and it can now spin. The threads on the inside of the knob have worn down and are pretty smooth. I would like to continue to use this knob, and was wondering if anyone has ever had this problem, and if they were...
  4. Gibsongt

    1954 Gold Top

    My new 1954 Gold Top has some figure on the back. It almost matches the inside of the control cavity! [/URL][/IMG] The front looks cool too! [/URL][/IMG]
  5. Gibsongt

    1957 LP Special Conversion

    At the Philly show...I was close to buying an old Strat, and a good friend from the forum (Frank P.) said that I should check out some LP (JR/Special) conversions that Lays had in their booth. Long story short, I bought this guitar. It was once a refinished 1957 Special converted by Dan at Lays...
  6. Gibsongt

    Aqualung - Burst video?

    I have always liked the solo in Aqualung. In this video, it looks like he is playing a Burst (about 3:30 in) and it sounds great! Maybe I am old school, but wouldn't it be great to have a live band like this at the next Superbowl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCMS-NJ7VxU
  7. Gibsongt

    59 JR P90

    I would like to get an old dog ear P90 for my 59 JR. I have seen some on Ebay that are from an ES Gibson. Are all dog ear P90's from that vintage all the same? Is a Gibson dog ear P90 from an ES the same pickup that was in the JR?
  8. Gibsongt

    57 RI Refin

    This is a first at posting a picture and I hope that the link works. I had a 57RI that needed to be refinished and thought that sunburst would be best. Here is how it came out. What do you think? http://www.lilypix.com/photos/data/89f03f7d02720160f1b04cf5b27f5ccb/4186_p55388.jpg It was done by...
  9. Gibsongt

    Refinishing a Historic

    Hello, I am having a 57RI Gold top refinished. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to put the serial number back on? What is the process? Thanks, Charlie
  10. Gibsongt

    Brown Vibroverb RI

    I recently bought a brown Vibroverb RI that sounded great with my strat. When I got home and plugged in my Les Paul, I noticed that the spreakers had a slight buzz when I hit a low G or F on the E string. Anywhere else on the neck, it sounds fine. Is this a sign of blown speakers? The noise is...
  11. Gibsongt

    Deluxe RI Popping Noise

    My Deluxe Reverb RI sounds great (the perfect practice amp). However, when I put the amp on standby, it makes a loud popping noise. I makes no difference if a guitar is plugged in or if the volume is all the way down, it still makes a popping noise when I put it on standby. I have owned many...