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  • Hi Grog - I seem to have lost the thread of our conversation - I find this website very confusing. In case I posted my last communication got lost in the ether I post again here. I am putting the urls in this text and in the image box in a hope that one of them works - Regards Ralph
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    Hi Grog - Lord Puffin here. I am still getting my Les Paul Recording up to speed and I was hoping you could give me some advice. My control panel plate is broken at the jack input point - I hear this is not an uncommon fault. I hear that one fix is to leave the panel as is and put a new input in the side of the guitar; Or, a replacement control panel plate may be available to buy. I am not sure which of these two options would be the best in your opinion. I don't want to do anything to devalue the guitar
    I have a few other questions - I hope you don't mind.
    My guitar has a Busby, which works wonderfully, and a little 'CUSTOM MADE' plate fitted underneath. Did this guitar ever come like this or do you think it was added afterwards? Also, the truss rod cover states CUSTOM.
    Should I be worried this is user customised?
    The other question regards the serial number 686025 does this tell you anything interesting?
    I thank you in advance
    Regards LP
    Hi Arthur, Sorry it took a month to notice your message. My case has standard rivets holding the handle on. I've drilled may of these out & replaced them with a small brass screw & acorn nut. I'll try to post a photo. Good Luck! George.
    Hi there,
    I see that you have a LP Personal. Do you have any idea how to remove the pins
    carrying the case handles from the posts? They appear to be pinned only at one end
    and sitting in a blind hole at the other. The handle is gone and a plastic one has been wired to
    the pins so I would like to fit a new leather one but need the bars out to do this.
    Best regards, arthur in the UK.
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