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  • Apache trucks are the gig now.
    1958/59 Task Force Apaches.

    Pic s of band and last time in the studio with Greg McMillan and
    Stan Lynch. 2006. Mark "Bam Bam " McConnell on drums live. RIP brother

    Dig the site!!


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    Spot fix. blurred
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    If you're near San Diego, I'm a carburetor guy, if the need comes up.
    I`m lucky to have Dan Timm down the road. He`s the carb man.
    I just got my 327 back in with a M-22. We took off the holley double and
    put on a tamer edelbrock single.
    I like it much better. Today I took out the drive shaft and put in a new
    "U" joint. beat!! thanks man
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