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  1. michaelmadeja

    Les Paul Middle Pickup Ring..

    Where can I get a Middle Pickup Ring (BLACK) for a Les Paul Custom 1970? I think it has to be small in height. I guess I'm trying to say where can I get the RIGHT one.. I don't want to get a wrong size by accident. Thanks!
  2. michaelmadeja

    Good article on vintage Lps.

  3. michaelmadeja

    I want to make a website

    thats devoted to Les Pauls and Gibsons in general... maybe a source as well? like people can send me pictures of their guitars, and maybe their serial number minus where it was made or maybe just the year and thats it. what do you guys think?
  4. michaelmadeja

    I want to replace the TOM

    My Tom is a Gotoh Japan 103B, the saddles are worn down and I want to replace it. I'm looking at ebay and I have no idea what to get and if it will fit right. I got a free Stop tail peice and I was going to put it on today and it didn't fit right, it was a little longer. My LPC is a 1970/71.
  5. michaelmadeja

    Anyone ever try these nuts?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-BRASS-Nut-SOLID-Machined-NEW-Pro-Part_W0QQitemZ7363543315QQcategoryZ41423QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem I need a new nut for my 1970 LPC.
  6. michaelmadeja

    Is this a Dirty Finger?

  7. michaelmadeja

    I want my Guitar to be more yellow.

    What can I do? I was thinking about leaving it in the sun but I don't want the neck to warp. I have a 70/71 Les Paul Custom in White, but it has different shades. Any Suggestions?
  8. michaelmadeja

    Do you guys think Les Pauls will ever come down in price?

    Too some they don't seem expensive, but I think recently there has been a craze with these guitars. The old Japanese copys were going for cheap, but I think more people are buying these than the Gibson Les Pauls because some Jap Copies are going for 150-200 dollars more ever since Gibsons went...
  9. michaelmadeja

    Pickup for metal/heavey stuff

    Alright, I have a early 1970's LP and was wondering what pickup you guys use for heavier stuff? Right now its a Gibson 498t I believe. I don't like the tone from it to much. I'm more concerned with the bridge pickup, but am interested in a good neck one as well. Thanks
  10. michaelmadeja

    White Les Paul Custom with Silver everything?

    What do you think about this? I have a Beat to sh!t LPC with all Gold. Nothing is original on the guitar so I was thinking about changing everything to silver. Tuners, Pickups, Tom etc... what do you think?
  11. michaelmadeja

    So when will 70's LP's become Vintage?

    in 5 years or so?
  12. michaelmadeja

    Would It be bad to use a Melody maker as a back up?

    Alrighty, I'm in a band with one guitarist (me) a bassit, drummer and singer. I only have one guitar right now which is a 1970/71 Les Paul White Custom. I want a back up guitar and was thinking of something small and cheap instead of paying loads for another Higher end Gibson, and I also need...
  13. michaelmadeja

    The new Melody makers, faded p90's

    How do they sound? I have a interest in a LP Melody maker, a DC faded Lp, and a flat top LP with the soap bar pickups.
  14. michaelmadeja

    Les Pauls with broken headstocks

    I'm having a hard time comming up with a price for these. Ebay doesn't have many or none right now. How much do you think Les Paul Customs with broken headstocks go for? Standards as well? Thanks
  15. michaelmadeja

    What do I do?

    I'm getting Gas like hell for a Gibson Custom/Standard, but I cannot afford 1000+ guitar. I was thinking about getting a Greco/Orville/Tokai/Burny LPC in black to kick my GAS attack (and to go with my White Gibby LPC) I also was thinking about getting a Jackson Soloist Pro, but I have a...