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  • Ciao Michele, Fil "SoloDallas". Mi puoi gentilmente mandare un'email at solodallas@gmail.com? Grazie, Fil

    The bright cap is there but it is a gain amp and Johan rolled of the tone control a bit to control it more every so often to avoid feed back. This is one problem with a shootout like this since the amp behave differently it is hard to keep settings and things equal without doing compromises. This 1968 12000 is everything a 12000 series should be. It is one of my top 3 amps. Johan is a great player but JTMs suit his playing style better.

    Kossof has both replaced transformers (Its been gigged) MT is a Dagnall and OT is a HIFI Drake of some sort.

    Best regards Lenny
    Can you send the pics of the Montreux time machine abr, posts, thumbwheels and tailpiece to my email?

    Hi Don,
    i tried two or three different sets of Holmes.
    They are great pickups but honestly with Pafs they don't have much to share...
    They lacks that single coil like tone that Pafs have. Pafs are bright pickups very open
    Dave Stephens pickups are Pafs! Lately i bought a Paf set and can Honestly tell you that Sd pickups are there at 98%
    Hello Michele; I love my Holmes pickups. How do the Stephen's compare tonewise?
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