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    NGD / 1955 LP Junior

    What a beautiful guitar !!!
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    1957 GT p-90 Opinions wanted

    This one is for sale in Italy. Featured in "Goldtop believers". 45704081-gibson-les-paul-standard-gold-top-1957 What do you think about her ? Thank you.
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    Fender has Thermometer cases

    I like it ! Will get some more of these for my "old" Teles...
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    1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop ? serial 7-2595 ? Real or Fake ?

    A late 60´s guitar should be easy to determine by the headstock angle ? Just an observation, or an illusion : isn´t the bridge PU cavity less deep than the neck PU cave ?
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    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    Oh my god...... what a beauty ! I would never sell this one ! Not even touch anything. She has her history of her own, and that's really sexy . If you really want to loose her - I am the first to take her ! She needs a loving home ! Please contact me, if you like . All the best
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    It's been awhile..NVGD. Apologize for the indulgent pic overload.

    Oh, a really nice one ! Congratulation ! I am very interested in certain specs of the tuners : Could you please measure the distance between string posts E to e , center to center ? Thank you very much ! Have a good time with her .
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    Value of a vintage ´64 Firebird, modded and "heavy relic"

    Hello, I look for some opinion of a Firebird 1 converted to FB 3 in heavy players grade condition. Second PU added, fretboard markers installed for a special look by former Texan owner. No repairs, breaks. This Bird has been around many blocks many times... I like it very much, and would be...
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    Vintage dealers in London UK - where to go ?

    There are some vintage LP´s offered in London. Can you recommend honest dealers in London, please ? I don´t want to fall into the hands of the many times as suspectful mentioned "father and son". Thank you very much.
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    Pickguard repro early 50´s wanted

    Tele pickguard repro early 50´s wanted I am looking for a 1950-54 era repro guard for a Telecaster - bakelite, blackguard. I know there are several on the market from different suppliers, stating to be vintage correct. Those I have do not fit exactly. Does anybody know which are really correct...
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    WTB 53-55 LP player grade

    I am looking for a GT ( she will stay gold, no converting intentions !!!) or a Custom. They have to have original finish. Can be in poor condition. Thank you.
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    vintage Leesona for sale / value ?

    Hi, I am offered a vintage Leesona 115-102 winding machine. In good working order. Can anybody tell something about how much you can pay for such a machine ? Cheers
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    The Blackguard book wanted

    Can any body bring me into contact with Nacho, please ? I really would love buy a copy. I´ve already mailed him several times via his website, but with no answer... Is anybody here willing to sell one of his books ? Thank you all ! Cheers
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    ´52 P-90 magnet idying question

    For a customer´s early 50´s restoration I acquired two sets of early 50´s P-90. I have to be absolutely sure to get him vintage correct parts. He´s a real important customer for me, so nothing should be questionable ! I´ve observed that the magnets in the pickups look like they had been made...
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    WTB vintage LP player / "project" guitar

    Hello, I am looking for a vintage Std , Custom or junior in any used condition. Could be even a wreck. Only original finish, please. Anything else does not matter. I want to bring an old one back to life ! Every offer is welcome. Cheers
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    WTB early ES 330

    Hello, I am looking for an 330. I want her in cherry red, 1963 is preferred. Two PU´s . Should have no breaks / repairs, be in original condition ( minor changes, as far as reversible are ok ). Can show signs of age. Also interested in other finished 330 to ´65 any offers welcome Cheers