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  • Hi PHil,

    I noticed you said in an older post that your 50th ani 63 es-335 had incorrect horn shapes. Can you tell me how they are incorrect? Im considering the new 2020 1964 es-335 but if the 63 has the same horn shapes i may go with the cheaper 63 version. thanks!
    Hi Steve,

    Wire an X pattern from lower right to upper left, and lower left to upper right of the switch posts. Connect the bridge pickup red and black to each center post. Wire a shielded red and black jumper from the volume pot (where the pickup would have normally been connected) to the lower switch posts under the red and black wires you soldered from the pickup to the center posts. When the switch is up, the bridge pickup is reversed using that X crossover wiring.

    Great guitar! Those pots are very good. I hear nothing colored or bad about them. Even the stock caps sound great. I tried all that premium CTS and paper-in-oil cap stuff...even with ThroBak pickups. This hardware on this guitar sounds better. It just needed a little wiring correction and feature addition to make it perfect.


    I'm loving your post on your trad pro II. I've got a TPII also in Merlot/Gold with a 50s neck. Love this guitar. I've studied your photos with the new out of phase switch but can't quite see how you wired it up. I noticed you moved the red wire, black. and bare wires to the new pot/switch. Could you provide a little more detail. I've got the push/push pot ready to go just trying figure out the out-of-phase wiring without spoiling the coil-splits.

    I also added a Duesenberg Les Trem to my TPII. It works quite well with a little nut sauce on the bridge and nut. It was way cheaper in price than going the Bigsby route. I did have to order from Germany and it it took awhile but only set me back $120. Also its fully removable in the future just put back the stop tail.



    You might have to log in facebook to see the my TPII.
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