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  1. songsmith1950

    Building Tweed Pro 5E5 or 5E5-A?

    Each has nice things. The 5E5 is kinda like a big tweed deluxe with 40 watts and a 15 where the 5E5-A I think has been tamed a little with more tone controls. But then again, the A is not far from a Low Power Twin. Victoria uses an I think, 5V4 in the rectifier circuit to keep from having to...
  2. songsmith1950

    Wanting to set up my 92 LPS Lite for 59 tones

    What do you recommend? BB Pro or PAF Classics? Love this guitar and it doesn't hurt my back. Right now 490 and 498 have replaced the stock Lite ceramic pups. Thanks Tom
  3. songsmith1950

    Back on LPF - 92 Les Paul Studio Lite

    I do hope you all agree that qualifies. So happy to feel right again coming here. Missed having a Paul too. My 56 reissue was a little too valuable for me to justify having just for fun and you know, hard times came. . . . But now I have a burst 92 LP Studio Lite. It has been refitted with the...
  4. songsmith1950

    Have Les Paul again, back, Yay 92 Studio Lite!

    I now have another Lester and perhaps one of my very faves. It is a burst 92 Les Paul Studio Lite. The ceramic pickups have been replaced with the standard 490T and 498R Gibsin pups. It is in near perfect shape and I do like it being a lot lighter. It doesn't seem to affect tone any. Thinking of...
  5. songsmith1950

    Reworking some old Ebay amps. You would be amazed at the sound of some.

    These are amps I bought on Ebay because I either liked the looks of them or they have different preamp or power amp tubes. Most were made between 1937 and 1950. My first was a 1938 Wabash, identical to the one used in the early days of Hubert Sumlin and Howlin Wolf. What a tone it has. Push...
  6. songsmith1950

    ES-335 Satin Two weeks later

    I do believe this may be the best sounding and playing electric guitar I have ever owned. Having owned well over 100 since 1964 there have been other 335's as well as Les Pauls, all Fenders, Gretsches and most anything else. Last night I broke out the Tonelab and set it for "acoustic". I could...
  7. songsmith1950

    Just got Fender 63 Reissue Reverb Unit

    I had heard and read so many times about how this is the ultimate reverb. I had tried Holy Grails and all else in attempts to add reverb to my non reverb amps, especially my 1938 Wabash. The Grail was nice but noisy and not quite as full. The other solid states were sometimes sirprisingly good...
  8. songsmith1950

    I seem to be out of the majority but love my new ES 335 Satin

    Yesterday I made the trip to Guitar Center again. You know, the one you make when you know you can get something you have been wanting. For a while I have been wanting one of the Epiphone 335 Studio models. The sound was great but the tuners and other items kept it from being something I would...
  9. songsmith1950

    Cheap Champ - For Moonpie and others

    I am in Moon! First of all if you are checking your filter caps, and you are VERY sure they are discharged, use the ohm meter. Good electrolytic caps will first dip down to zero or very near and then increase in resistance as they charge. If there is no dip they are bad. If there is no rise they...
  10. songsmith1950

    Finally! Pics of my new R6!

    Sorry it has taken so long but if these links work here we go!!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/15736052@N00/165703297/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/15736052@N00/165703333/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/15736052@N00/165703318/in/photostream/...
  11. songsmith1950

    Gotta Ask, differences in R7, R8, and R9

    Now that I have my R6 I have to ask this. Seems the R9's are far more expensive than the R8 or R7. Gotta also say that since I have an R6 Goldtop I really would prefer my next CS to be burst. What is the real difference between the R8 and R9? Another question. The R0 doesn't seem to be nearly...
  12. songsmith1950

    Wow! I am legit here now! Can't believe there is that much difference.

    Today I got a guitar I thought I would never be able to have. Perhaps to some it is a middle of the road guitar but to me it is THE guitar I have looked at and wanted for years. My wife insisted today that I have it. Wow!!!! Today I got my Custom Shop 56 Goldtop Reissue. . . Got to confess I...
  13. songsmith1950

    Keepers - Affordable amps with Legendary Tone.

    I have a 1938 Wabash. Basically a "Woodie" Deluxe of the style made from 1946 to 1948. It has had an alnico speaker installed as the old field coil had died and the trannie replaced by an old Stancor no telling how long ago. This amp can not do sparkle cleans, but it can do nice full and very...
  14. songsmith1950

    Are true R4's really humbuckers?

    I thought buckers started as the 57 classic and that realistic 54's were P90's. Am I wrong about this? There is an oxblood 54 on Ebay with buckers. He says it is build to exact 54 specs. Is this possible? He later says it is a Jeff Beck R4 to explain the pups but also says it is not Brazilian...
  15. songsmith1950

    Wow, been away a while. Hope my new Lester lets me back in.

    Been away for a while now. Finally got property sale done but my wine red Les Paul Studio was a casualty as I had to Ebay her to hold off financial stuff until it all went through. Life is pretty darn good now. New house and all. Property brought enough to set us up with the house paid for and...