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    New 2013 SG Deluxe!

    Not sure...I think they might be for this particular guitar but not for the model in general. I looked for some online and couldn't find any.
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    New 2013 SG Deluxe!

    After being a Les Paul/Strat guy for over 30 years I finally got my first SG! A 2013 3-Pickup Deluxe...my wife bought it for me for my 50th birthday. First of all...I'm in love with this guitar! From the finish to the Bigsby...never had a blue guitar either so that's cool. The neck is perfect...
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    Burstbuckers Vs. Probuckers

    I recently bought an Epiphone LP Modern with Probuckers. I play mainly de-tuned hi-gain heavy rock (C# standard). Tone wise I think they sound great...nice and fat and pretty well balanced however they squeal like a pig at high volumes and gain. Because I like their tone so much I am...