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New 2013 SG Deluxe!


New member
Oct 15, 2021
After being a Les Paul/Strat guy for over 30 years I finally got my first SG! A 2013 3-Pickup Deluxe...my wife bought it for me for my 50th birthday.

First of all...I'm in love with this guitar! From the finish to the Bigsby...never had a blue guitar either so that's cool. The neck is perfect and it plays like a dream. This one has MOD stamped on the back of the headstock. Not sure what the mod was but the top appears to be more figured than most Deluxes I've seen. I will be adding a TonPro's roller bridge to help with tuning stability with the Bigsby..so far it's staying in tune fairly well with the locking tuners and lubed nut.

The electronics are not original. The previous owner removed the "Togpot" and replaced it with a standard 3-way and wired the middle pickup to one of the tone controls (standard mod). Sloppy job and very noisy. I ordered a pre-wired harness (with all 500k Bourns pots) with basically the same setup. Master tone with B&N volumes with a third volume to just dial in the middle pickup. I'm not a fan of 57 Classics so I plan on swapping them out. I am going with SD Whole Lotta Humbuckers in N & B and am considering an SD Phat Cat (humbucker size P90) in the middle. I will be using all 500k's so I'm not sure whether to get the Phat Cat bridge or neck model. I'm assuming that have the P90 in the middle will reduce a bit of high end bite caused by the 500k. Any thoughts or opinions on this setup?



Jan 21, 2006
I think that three metal humbucker mounting ring plates on the blue rings would be great, like the 2019 SG HP.



Oct 2, 2011
Looks awesome and somewhat ironically, you made your post on my 50th birthday. Can you post some sound clips? A 3 pickup SG is on my short list.