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    About Les Paul Lifton Reissue case

    My late 2020 Costa Rican Lifton reissue doesn't have the Lifton badge.
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    How high are the bridges on your Vintage bursts?

    You seem to contradict the photo and your first paragraph in your subsequent paragraphs.... Yeah I know, thread resurrection time. 😊
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    How do you feel about the Noel Gallagher limited edition J150 acoustic guitar?

    I'm not a fan of the big round shape or that awful moustache bridge but it's a very nice package with the signed photo and lyric sheet.
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    59 reissue vs. standard 60’s

    Is the reissue twice as good? No. Is it worth double the price? No. Is it way better? Absolutely. Until you can pick both up in your own hands you will never understand. The reissue feels like Stradivarius himself built it from scratch and the USA Standard feels like it was built on a...
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    I Named My Les Pauls Today

    No. Mine are just called 'the strat', 'the gold top', 'the 335', 'the acoustic' and 'the Custom'.
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    Current VOS treatment?

    No gunk on my 2020 R7.
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    What to expect from a light Les Paul?

    Under 8lbs are rare as hen's teeth. Over 9.5lbs are heavy. I would say that 8.5lbs to 9lbs is the sweetspot for a Les Paul. Tone-wise it's a crapshoot.
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    NGD! Les Paul Standard 60s Ice Tea

    Nice dark fretboard. Rare these days.
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    Has the smell of new USA Gibsons changed?

    Gibson USA guitars don't come in TKL cases anymore. The guitars still stink. My R7 came in a Lifton reissue case and the guitar smells of nitro but not a strong, overwhelming solvents smell like my USA guitars.
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    Has the smell of new USA Gibsons changed?

    My recent USA guitars smell of solvents. Chemical nastiness. My R7 smells lovely, a pleasant nitro smell and not room-filling either.
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    Gibson Custom Shop | Introducing the Murphy Lab

    Re the pickup selector disc, I thought they centralised on the switch so how come many are off-centre?
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    Les Paul R0 fretboard

    Looks like ebony. I have an LP Standard with a black as the night fretboard but my R7 is much lighter. I don't mind it because boards are generally much lighter these days and the weight & playability trump that consideration for me. I rejected an R7 that had a really dark board because it...
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    Murphy Lab, Murphy Lab everywhere!

    Just seems like a load of guitars for the relic crowd to me. Light relics right through to heavy distress. It looks tastefully done though.
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    Les Paul R0 fretboard

    Yes my 2019 Standard has a uniform almost black slab of rosewood and my 2020 R7 has a much lighter shade of rosewood.
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    Les Paul R0 fretboard

    That's not what I would call very light....