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  1. Trans-Am

    Best Japanese Fender Years?

    Hmm...I would go with say post mid 80's to late mid 90's as the MIJ was most sought after before the CIJ came out, and now as of late MIJ is back once more. Mid 80's '62 Ri MIJ 3TSB Stratocaster and 2017 MIJ Blue Power Jazzmaster.🤟
  2. Trans-Am

    My Fender Guitars

    The 4 Reds! : 2 Candy & 2 Fiesta
  3. Trans-Am

    I don't get it....why buy aged guitar???

    That is the whole reason of the LAB aged/relic guitars for the one who missed out on the 50's/60's vintage find. There are a lot of people who cant wait any longer depending on the demographic age they're in, so splurge for one and you may feel that you have a vintage 50's/60's style aged...
  4. Trans-Am

    I don't get it....why buy aged guitar???

    I'll go as far as VOS then give it my own aged looks. Not worth the LAB work for me just because you cant age it in a few years or so, I'll save the rest for another Martin acoustic instead. :giggle: Aged Paul's are only for real vintage Mc Coy IMHO!
  5. Trans-Am

    First time poster, my dream R9!

    Flame On! Good catch and welcome aboard! (y)
  6. Trans-Am

    Current VOS treatment?

    My 2007 R9 VOS is more of a patina unlike the gunk some others dismiss.(y)
  7. Trans-Am

    help ID les Paul sunburst...fake? Or cool?

    Another Chibson got out?😳👎
  8. Trans-Am

    NGD: 2020 Bourbon Burst R8

    Sweet & Congrats! I see your arsenal is well covered. Where's the Drum and Bass? lol!:ROFLMAO:
  9. Trans-Am

    old lookin' Murphy Lab Les Paul and...

    Looks legit to me, anymore aging would be too overkill really. Now just adds the rest and make it yours.:cool:
  10. Trans-Am

    Let's See Your #1 --- Here's Mine!! Every. Time.

    ....as of lately so, my 2003 R6 :giggle:
  11. Trans-Am

    NGD, sort of... Y2K R9

    Nice find, congrats!😎
  12. Trans-Am

    What year Historic Case is this?

    This case is for my 2003 R6 it came with when I purchased it. Within the range of mid 90’s - to early/mid 2000’s, since after discontinued.
  13. Trans-Am

    Let's see some top carves!!! 1959 burst content!

    Curvature against lighting.
  14. Trans-Am

    the R9's are so passé .... now its all about the 58's ...

    Hard to believe she still looks the same for a 2007 VOS, slight patina with graceful wear.