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    1969 Stones in Hyde Park - M. Taylor playing some fine Slide on a Burst

    I think it was that Jagge’s dress was too short so he had to redo His costume with pants…and that made him uncomfortable???? or…maybe Mick was trying to play the slide in tune with Jagger’s sing8ng?? I have no idea to what Keef was tuning, but his guitar is sour!! Maybe he tuned that V and...
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    '67 Flying V's

    That is one crude and ugly headstock there On that ebay guitar. No serial number, no logo….and the shape is all wrong to my eye. I did see what appeared to be a 1980 V that had the same type of crude shape, though. That guitar would be a hard sell to me.
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    Luthiers! How would you fix this mess of a Les Paul Deluxe

    From what I can see in the pics, one could either play it as is or re-finish the guitar. I don’t see the evidence of metal plates in the picture you give us. If there are metal plates embedded 8n the repair and the repairs is stable, then done is done. The finish is done for, that is sure. It...
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    1969 Stones in Hyde Park - M. Taylor playing some fine Slide on a Burst

    That V is so out of tune it is sad. The slide play8ng is sub par, imho, even for a local club band. Sad cut, imho….
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    Guitarlington In Arlington

    Sorry I missed it. It sounds like an old school show…vintage offerings without huge booths of new equipment.
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    A couple of Lesters just posted on Facebook by Rumble Seat Music ...

    Thanks for the chuckles….”at least one of the guitars bearing that serial number is.” 0 So, we could watch a game show based on the old ’What’s My Line’….…..”Will the real 9-1998 please plug in?” Who has vetted the various examples of L.P.s with this serial number? ?? As for that unfaded area...
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    Your favourite speaker for 5F1 and Les Paul

    I recently placed an Eminence 820H in a 1964 Bf Champ. I had more low and lower mids and more volume that the stock speaker. It was closer to what that P8RS I once used in a 5F1….bigger..more meat to the sound.
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    Hummingbird experts advice needed !

    I would suggest finding one of the newer ones.
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    Vibrolux Speaker Replacement

    The amp gained some volume, did it not?
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    Vibrolux Speaker Replacement

    Eminence ALK1028s are great in such an amp. Emi makes quite a variety of 10s that each yield slightly different results, ime. the ALK does BF Reverb cleans great, and they yield great tone and harmonic 9ntent if one deals in gain/overdrive/distorti9n…smooth on the high end in distortion modes.
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    Gibson firebird I 1964 pick up vs firebird cs Clapton 2020

    I disagree….the volume doesn’t bother me. It is the change in the rhythm ri… listen to the above….. and then listen to the original… or the BBC cut…. imho, Clapton screwed the song up on purpose…perhaps because of the dictate to t urn dow?? But…whatever the reason, the cut in the first post...
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    Looking at old pictures found my 57-59 conversion

    Now, what special edition Les Paul in the late ‘70s…iirc…had a center section with two side pieces in the top made od fancy figured maple ??? this guitar looks like it could have been the prototype…even if the center section is off to one side a bit. Sharp….I really like the dark burst.
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    Troubleshooting Advice - Friedman Runt 20

    d_man Vegas wrote: “Below is the response from Dave Friedman.” yes, I have to accept that the Clean channels as at least one gain stage in that first tube..V1. however, in order to understand more thoroughly how this amp works when one does not have a schematic, one has to use a bit of...
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    Troubleshooting Advice - Friedman Runt 20

    9 I figured as much. And did you inquire of them If the gain stage input stage was the s3cond triode in that tube. It has to be, ime, but I always like to ask someone who knows the circuit…..because there is a small,possibility that the gain is done in the solid state doma8n. (8^0????and one...
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    Troubleshooting Advice - Friedman Runt 20

    How does one switch the channels? Does the Clean channel not work when the footswitch is plugged in but work when the footswitch is not plugged in? If the footswitch indicates a problem, I would be taking it apart…IF I knew what I was doing, right? i would have that chassis pulled again to see...