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  1. zepsong

    Has Gibson Corrrected The "Inlays Popping Out" Issues?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard if Gibson has corrected the problems with the inlays popping up on the newer (03,04,05 ) Historics. Thinking of adding a back up to my 02R8, but wary about a new RI because of the inlay problems reported... Thanks!
  2. zepsong

    Dave's GREAT Guitars!

    Well, I bought a 57 blacktop RI from Dave's(Laun is great to deal with). and it's another winner! These guys give a fair trade value, a thorough phone demo and inspection, nice setup, and fast shipping. Never had a problem with anything I got from them! Dave's rules! :)
  3. zepsong

    New 57RI sounds great!

    I received #74822 from Dave's on Friday, and it's a keeper! It's a blacktop 57 RI, and I've always wanted one of these! After owning 5 Historics and keeping one(#82281), I must say this 57 is really nice! Chunky neck, beautiful finish and GREAT tone! The stock pickups,caps and pots are fine...
  4. zepsong

    New 58 RI's

    Well, I got rid of my 0157GT and my 0257BB and replaced them with #82129(Authentic Washed Cherry) and #82401(Faded Tobbaco) from Dave's. They are 8.6 and 8.8lbs. I have #82281(Washed Cherry) 8.6lbs. also from Dave's. These 58's are truly wonderful guitars! Through my 59 Bassman RI and my 71...
  5. zepsong

    Explorer 76

    I didn't know where to post this, but I kinda like these. Can anyone give me the lowdown on 'em? Woods used, weight relief like the production Les Pauls, pickups, overall build quality, weight, etc? Thanks!
  6. zepsong

    #82281 Has A Home...

    It's on it's way from Dave's! It weighs 8.54lbs, and is the 58 I've been looking for(hopefully). Dave's was kind enough to agree to cutting the nut for EB 10's, adjusting neck relief, intonating,etc. Laun went above and beyond the call of good salesmanship! I've got a set of CTS 500k pots...
  7. zepsong

    Pickup suggestions for 02R7BB?

    I have Tom Holmes 450/455's in my 01R7GT, and I love them. I'm wondering what I can use in my 3 pickup 02R7BB to get a similar bite, growl and tone. It won't be exact, and I don't want it to be( that's why I got a maple capped and a mahogony capped guitar duo). Specifically, what do you guys...
  8. zepsong

    Thanks !!!

    I just wanted to thank you guys for all the info that is provided here! I just got my 01R7GT back from the tech today, and after a few upgrades(new CTS 500 audio taper pots, a .015 and a .02 cap, and Tom Holmes 450/455 pickups), this guitar absolutely sings!!! I run it through a 59 Bassman...
  9. zepsong

    Re wired 01R7GT

    I just got my guitar back from the tech( sorry, not very good with the iron yet). I had him install Tom Holmes 450/455 pickups, CTS 500 pots( audio taper), a .015 cap on the rhythm, and a .02 cap on the treble ( these were Torres caps, I'm waiting on some Spragues and Jensens). It seems to be...
  10. zepsong

    Vintage Les Paul Wiring

    Does anyone have a schematic for vintage wiring for a two pickup and a three pickup( Custom) Les Paul? Greatly appreciated!;\
  11. zepsong

    2001 57 GT(NOS)

    Hi! First post here. After reading for awhile, I got GAS and ordered this guitar from A+ Guitars. First off, George and Ken are great to deal with! Great guitar, great price, great service, fast shipping... They care about the customer. The guitar is great! Big, fat neck, flawless finish...