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‘68 SG Standard Tuners.


New member
Sep 25, 2021
The Gibson Deluxe tuners or my SG have seen better days, stiff with one or two bent shafts but all intact. Rather than try and straighten them potentially damaging the fragile double row plastic heads, I’d like to swap them for something that drops straight in so no new screw holes or bezels.

The products online are endless so I’m asking if anyone has done the same.

While I’m on, the bridge is a sprung ABR-1. The spring had been lost and as a result a screw from a saddle too. All the saddles are quite deeply grooved. I’m using a Gotoh replacement but would like to restore the original. Does anyone make direct replacement saddles and screws, the latter don’t have a collar which is what ai’m finding online.

Keeping the originals safe of course.