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1959 Les Paul Guitar Player Magazine 1982


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Oct 14, 2021
It is rather to prevent the posts leaning forward. Giving (or not) more sustain could be a side effect.
I agree. The real magic is the hand craftsmanship in the older pieces. The weight and mass may have been and accident but what a good one! They’re much easier to play letting the artist express themselves with better results. The PAF is a weak pickup allowing it to be closer to the strings one of the reason so many removed the covers. Again being hand made they varied and required a good ear to fine tune to the hands playing them. This allows the guitar volume to be set around two letting the amp tubes to be driven hard. I slight touch of the volume will produce earthquake causing sustain with the 59 burst in the right hands this is what I call the hallelujah package! When you find that tone it becomes easier to reproduce on other guitars but needs a little help from a TSO 808.