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2009 Limited Run Golden Orange Teaburst R9


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Jun 6, 2004
Here is another one I will likely regret selling. This is one of 25 R9's produced that year in this cool color. I am also quite certain that is the first serial number produced in this group of 25. Its a great souding and playing guitar that is all stock with all original pickups pots, etc. The guitar is in great shape with the exception of a small marr in the neck finish near the low E tuner. This resulted from being in a hanger with a rubber protective cover that reacted with the nitro. I also noticed today that it also has a very slight worming mark on the top that you can't really see unless you really look for it. The board is extremely dark and almost black. It is somewhat reminiscent of the swirly grained "stump" Brazilian rosewood that showed up on some of the guitars certified as Brazilian boards that were shipped in 2003 and 2004. It comes with the black Custom Historic Case, COA, etc. Weight is 8.8 lbs. Asking $5900 shipped within the Continental US. Paypal is OK. Please email me at fleming_s@bellsouth.net if interested or if you have questions about it.

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