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2011 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue Historic Makeover Deluxe Package


May 21, 2008
Beautiful and Tone for Days! (Stock #1170)

This guitar is as nice as they come. This is as close as you can get to a real burst without spending $20k+ on a conversion. This started its life as a special run 58 reissue with a hand picked top and prototype custom buckers. It is one of the best looking and most resonant guitars I’ve had, so I made the decision to send it to Historic Makeovers for there deluxe makeover in 2017. They took it, stripped the old finish, re-carved the top and neck, reset the neck with hot hide glue, added correct binding and a Brazilian Rosewood board, refinished it with correct colors and nitrocellulose lacquer, and lightly aged it. What came beck was one of the best and most beautiful guitars I have ever played or seen. The top is very strong, with crazy flame and tons of flecking. The color is an exact match to a very slightly faded 1960 Les Paul. HM’s finish work is the best out there. It is very thin, hard and glass smooth. The tone on this one is super rich, woody, and very balanced. It is a very resonant and very clear guitar. The neck is carved to a exact match of a 59 burst. It is a very comfortable medium C profile with perfect playability. This guitar is in excellent condition.

Neck Measurements: .861@1st and .970@12th

Weight: 8lbs 2 ounces

Comes with a Lifton Reissue Case, Tags, and both Gibson and HM COAs

$8495 Shipped