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68 lp custom specs


New member
Jun 28, 2021
The lower one will have 45th week of ‘67 pots and the brown caps are original, the same kind found in countless other Gibson’s in late ‘67.
I know this from having owned about 14 early ‘68 LP Goldtops and Customs with these caps, and all had that specific harness date- a point of note also is the PAT No humbuckers in these early ‘68 LP Customs were ‘63 era red wire versions, or what you might call a ‘Post PAF PAT NO’, so not the early maroon wire PAF spec, nor the later orange Poly wire spec, but exactly what you’d find in a ‘63/‘64 SG or 335 etc so arguably ‘Old Stock’, and sound far superior to the T Top most assume these came with.

Awesome info here for 68 LPCustom owners. Having searched for details of these guitars for a long long time, these kind of under the hood pick up details are GOLD! Many thanks to Jumping@Shadows and my search for information on my 68 is now over.
( I realise these pup details may or may not apply to my guitar ).

Good luck everyone .... Cheers Rudee.