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71 LP Custom Refinish


New member
Apr 17, 2003
I have a 71 LP Custom, and I just love the sound. The previous owner had the guitar refinished in a perloid white, with raised binding. I want to return the guitar to its original color. Gibson has told me that the 71 only came in ebony or sunburst. Can somebody confirm this? I was going to send it to the custom Shop, and have them do the work, but it would take a year or more to get it back. Everything is original, except the paint job. Can someone shed some light on the refinishing aspects of restoring this guitar?

Thanks to All


According to "Gibson Shipment Totals" by Larry Meiners

1971 LP Custom shipments as follows:

668 in Cherry
94 in Cherry Sunburst
2390 in Ebony