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'89 Pickguard Shape


Active member
Sep 14, 2018
Hi folks,

Wondering if anyone has come across something like this. I have an '89 LP Standard with a broken pickguard. I have some spare modern Gibson ones and they don't fit correctly (the screw hole doesn't line up). Strangely a mid-90s Epiphone one I have does fit, it's just the colour of the plastic is off.

Does anyone know of a pickguard that I can buy off the shelf that will be a better fit?

PS. I've glued the snapped part of the pickguard several times and it keeps breaking as the break is across the screw hole. I'm going to attempt to use Epoxy Resin next for a stronger bond.


Well-known member
Jun 9, 2007
Danelectro, a regular on this site has the patterns for all the guards- not 100% on this year but he has the tools to fabricate them.