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Allright all you Marshall Class 5 DIE HARDS!!


New member
Jan 10, 2003
My father and I came up with that mod and posted it here (somewhere) last year. Shortly afterwards we met Jim Marshall's daughter (who I believe is now all but running the company) at a trade show in London and told her about the mod. We also suggested a few other improvements that could be made to the construction of the Class 5.

"Thanks for the input."


Maybe you and Marshall came up with the mod independent from each other, but maybe not. Either way, you and your father were the first to offer a real option other than the "for lower power put a 1/4 inch plug halfway into whatever..." And that trick came from Marshall!

So from the LP Amp Forum, "Thank you!"


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Oct 27, 2005
Not to hijack, but I was really surprised to see my recent purchase (Blackstar HT-5) was built in Korea! Who knew?

Yep, those cheeky Blackstar boys put engineered in the UK on everything along with Union Jacks but all their gear is made in Korea.



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Jul 15, 2001
I'm not saying that they didn't come up with the idea themselves, it may have all been a coincidence. We can't officially take credit for it I'm afraid.

I'd already got two free Class 5s out them previously (for other reasons), so I'm not expecting much.

Congrats and thank you the mods, although i haven't done any of the mods on my Class 5 (yet!) i'm sure these models could get only better.

Wonder what price range the HEAD will be going for as i have a 2x12 cab already waiting in the wing.

Now if i can only contact Ms.Sheila Marshall myself?...I would like to share some of my personal ideas likewise.?:hmm