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Anyone ever file a claim with USPS ?


New member
Feb 6, 2004
I shipped out an acoustic guitar over 2 months ago to a buyer in Scotland and she still hasn't received it. Is it just a matter of going to the post office with a copy of the Custom's form I filled out to see if they will investigate, or do they not even bother looking for lost packages? I put both addresses on the box itself with permanent marker, so it's not like a label fell off or anything.

Mark Kane

All Access/Backstage Pass
Jul 18, 2001
I'm assuming you've already been to the post office?!?! If not, that's the first step. If they lost it they'll compensate you for what you insured it for but it's a long process.


Active member
Jul 23, 2004
How did you ship it? Surface or AirMail? The customs form you attached has a tracking number and they might be able to determine where in the process it is. Insurance? That form also has tracking. Like Mark said, go to post office and start the search, the package may be hung up in customs.


New member
Jun 27, 2003
Crusher - I live in Scotland and have had quite a few guitars shipped over from the US. I am assuming you used USPS Air (thats the most cost effective).......Once the parcel enters the UK, Parcel Force takes over,........so on your receipt you will have an insurance number (it looks like EE051972558US)........so you can go to Parcelforce.com and use this number to track it ( remember to put a tick in the box: "Inbound international parcel?")........

Hopefully this will show its being held at customs or something (remember the buyer will have to pay approx 23% import duty on the declared value of the guitar)..............maybe thats something to do with the hold up?

Hope this helps


Les Paul Forum Member
Jun 12, 2003
If it's surface, it could take 3 months. Air, that long suggests a real problem. USPS is not known for honoring their insurance-they've lost or damaged 3 parcels on me-never payed a claim for damage but did pay one for the loss although it took months.