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At that price I'd be afraid to play it...

BC Audio

New member
Feb 16, 2010
For that price, it should come with that Custom! Well, almost...


Active member
Jun 5, 2002
You can still buy the correct/same elephant grain tolex that Marshall used in the late 70's-onward. why not buy a JMP combo for $1000 & spend $300 on a re-tolex if you need Orange. If done correctly, no one would know. I am not condoning lash-ups, but if I NEEDED an orange JMP combo and wanted to keep the price down, I know what I would do.

Elephant levant/tolex is still made exactly the same today, as in 1977. Pre-1974 Marshall levant is no longer made & it is easy to spot the new repro stuff. Just saying:hmm