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Billie Joe Armstrong LP Jr Single Cut Prototype


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Apr 12, 2021
This was purchased by myself several years ago from a guitar shop co-owned by BJA on their opening day. The story I was told was that this is one of several prototypes created for Billie to try out while they developed his signature model, although I've never seen another one for sale. The serial dates this to mid-2005. The final models would be released in 2006. I have no intention of ever selling this, but I thought this might be good to document and of interest to some.

The differences between this and the production model are
  • 50's style chunky neck. Production models have a slim-taper neck profile.
  • Black single-ply pickguard. Ebony production models had tortoise-shell, but white and sunburst kept the black pickguard
  • The signature on the back of the headstock is rotated 90° clockwise
  • Headstock says Les Paul Special
  • Tone control is a push-pull pot to dis/engage the second coil in the H90 pickup
I can understand why they lost the push-pull pot. The guitar is both noisier and muddier without the second coil engaged, so there's really no point in not enabling it. I'm pretty sure the Special on the headstock is just a production error. I think Gibson knew this was a prototype, so QA wasn't a top priority. As for the neck profile change, according to a quote on Gibson's web site BJA said "This guitar is pretty much like Floyd, apart from the neck. This is more of a '60s neck so it's easier to play and get your hands around." Strap locks were already installed, so I think somebody played it at some point in time, but I have no documentation it was Billie.


Feb 17, 2016
Weird how it lacks the “step” in the cutaway... production models all seem to have it.


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Dec 1, 2001
They only put the step back into the cutaway on production models recently. My 2001 didn't have it and the 2015s with the Les Paul 100 logo still didn't have it.
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