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Blackstar HT-Club 40 tube amp FS


New member
Sep 12, 2018

BlackStar HT-Club 40 gently used with some upgrades. Looks like new

This amp comes from a smoke free environment. I only used this for occasional gigs, so it has been used for probably less than 30 hours. It has two channels with two voices (vintage and modern) per channel so you essentially get 4 sounds out of this amp. Additionally the ISF control will shape the tone from a more "American" sound to a "British" sound.

The amp is powered by two EL34 tubes with two ECC83 preamp tubes (UK designation for a 12AX7). When you've got this amp cranked the EL34s can really put out that classic Marshall style growl. The speaker is a 12" Celestion 70/80. It comes with a foot switch to go between clean and overdrive channels as well as switching reverb on/off.

The mains fuse blew (very common problem with these amps from the factory) so I had it replaced by an experienced technician. I also added wheeled coasters for easy portability.

The amp is in good shape with few if any minor blemishes from use. It has been gigged a few times but always in stable environments and transported very carefully. I'm thinking about getting rid of it because I won't be playing live anymore (too busy with school) and don't need something so powerful.

For sample audio I recorded on 9/12/2020 you can watch this quick video I recorded and posted to YouTube: